Prices and Contact

Take advantage of a package when you do not know yet with whom you would like to speak to and go for a 30 minutes session. Or if you know already you would like to have more sessions go for a package to receive discount.

Welcome package 1

30 minutes for 60 CHF with Carla

Any additional 1 hour sessions will be full price of 150 CHF each


Welcome package 2

60 minutes for 90 CHF with Carla

Any additional 1 hour sessions will be full price of 150 CHF each


Package 3

Series of 3 channel sessions, with a value of 450 CHF, I will offer for 375 CHF which means that you will have a 50% discount on your first session.

When sessions are booked separately, on its own, a channel session will be the standard price of 150 CHF each time.


For this method no channeling is being involved and you will speak to me directly.

Costs are 45 CHF for a 30-minute session and 80 CHF for 60 minutes.

Schedule a session or workshop

To schedule a 1-hour private session or workshop, reach out to me directly at
Let me know in which country and State (to get the correct timezone) you are in to find a suitable date and time for the session/workshop. I will confirm back to you by e-mail and send you a Zoom link once payment has been done.

Payment can be done via bank transfer or with Paypal using the link below.  Payment before the appointment is required.


Cindy cannot guarantee what kind of information will be delivered and no (future) predictions will be given.

Each client is responsible for joining the session with an open mind, and to be open to receive the information being presented. The information given in a session should NOT be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice or guidance.

If the client is a no-show for the session, or misses the session, no refund will be issued.