Goddess Isis, Guan Yin, Mother Mary, Pele and others are helping to let us increase and tap into our Feminine Energy. To let the feminine within us come more to the surface and create balance with our Masculine Energy which each of us carry within. Also these Goddesses are not here only for women, they are here for men too.

Since November 2018, Goddesses Isis, Pele and Guan Yin are using my body as a vehicle of communication, leaving their messages behind for Humanity.

More Goddesses will come through in order to help, shape shift, guide and advice Humanity to thrive forward and make way for new things. A lot of systems, thoughts, behaviour and actions are not in line with Gaia her vibration and in order for us to move along with her - we will need to go within ourselves and heal wherever is necessary.

❤️ Goddess Guan Yin

Goddess Guan Yin, representing Mercy and Compassion.

They are asking us not to be that hard on ourselves and to create compassion. Creating compassion towards ourselves but also to others. To go within your Heart and feel what it is that you can share with your fellow brothers and sisters.

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❤️ Goddess Isis

Goddess Isis, representing Power.

Isis do not take any excuses! 

Asking us to get out of our comfort zone and do what we would like to do that makes us happy.

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❤️ Mother Mary

Mother Mary, Nurturing Universal Mother.

Mother Mary has a love of love for us, calling us her children - her sons and her her daughters. She cares for us, she would like all of us to be happy, to be healthy and live in joy.

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❤️ Goddess Pele

Goddess Pele, representing Fire and Passion.

Asking you to find your own passion, finding your own flame that sits within your Heart. And to follow this desire.

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To speak to/with any of these Goddesses the same price applies as speaking to Carla.

If you would like to organize a workshop with friends, colleagues, etc please do not hesitate to contact me. We can organize the workshop either face-to-face or through the use of Internet.

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