We all want have a better World for ourselves and for others, to be (more) conscious, to receive and give Love and Light.

Since August 2017 I work with/trance-channel my own Spirit Team Carla to guide clients. The way how I channel is that I match my frequency to that of another entity.

I call Carla a group of therapists as they are a Collective, working together very closely, pulling insight/advice from different places and giving you one unanimous answer that will serve you the most – at that particular moment in time.

Carla is just a name – no special meaning. Carla teaches us about self-love, how to re-connect ourselves with our hearts and become self-aware, allowing us to see ourselves and life from a more expanded and loving perspective. They are here to look at our unpleasant, painful life experiences and shine a different light on them. Looking at them from a different angle, from a Higher level of Consciousness and Awareness. Guiding to heal ourselves but also for us to become self-aware. By becoming self-aware we will be able to choose the past or the future. Choosing a different reaction, different set of words. Not repeating the past but creating a different and new future.

In the midst of all the turm-oil in the world especially at this very moment, it is even more important to take care of ourselves, to put ourselves as a first priority and stay balanced.

Carla is here to guide and counsel you by looking at our emotions/life experiences from a different angle, a higher perspective. To become understanding towards ourselves, towards others. 
By looking at our subconscious blocks we also are able to stop our Karmic Wheel, blocks that we have created ourselves and/or have been passed down from our parents and/or ancestors. By g
oing within and healing our heart, we are creating a different future for ourselves, our children and the next generations. Changing the outside World into a gentler place to live in. Something that we are longing for it to happen.

Start to take care of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state.

When having a session with Carla we would like to ask you to be as open minded as possible and have a conversation like you would have with a close friend. The more you share, the easier and quicker you will receive advice, guidance and tools that fit your own needs. 

It will be an interactive session and you are required to do work yourself during and after the session and often times 'homework' will be given.

An introduction to Carla you will find here: