"It was a great session with Carla, Maitland & Marilyn, who gave me clear views to clarify several issues. The motivating, encouranging & loving energy during the session carry me further, for which I deeply appreciate. Thank you so much."

PC.R. in Switzerland

While talking to Carla I got a feeling of talking with someone older and wiser than myself - a bit like talking to a grandparent who wants to offer good advice.  I was advised to live more from the heart vs from the head - this has been a problem for me my whole life - I always over-analyse everything going on instead of being in the moment and experiencing it. When this advise came to me, I felt like "oh! of course". 

Brian L in Sydney

I found your approach very personable and genuine, and you, along with your collective team of guides 'Carla', were able to convey messages I needed to hear. I have sought advice for my life in the past but you presented some possible pathways and suggestions that I have not heard before. 

I felt that you picked up well on the energy of myself and the nature of the circumstances that I am facing. 

I will listen again to our session and make note of the great advice I was given and attempt to put it into practice in my life. I feel it would benefit greatly.

I liked how you gave me insight into how my son was feeling and how I may assist him in difficult times. The language and tone you used were very comforting. 

Thanks again Cindy for taking the time to pass on this wonderful guidance from the spirit world and I wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

Debbie in Perth, Western Australia

As time progressed I felt more understood, that there was insight and understanding being shared and I felt validated and encouraged.  

I felt inspired and encouraged, I felt encouraged to be doing the work I am doing and had clarity of what to focus on and confidence it was meaningful. I also gained personal insight into my own relationship and growth. 

I absolutely felt heard, both in the conversation with words spoken and unspoken.  I felt understood and many of my thoughts were refined and a few core beliefs challenged.

I felt a connection to something beyond me and I felt encouraged by them as having a greater wealth of knowledge and insight but also they seemed to know about my thoughts and ideas as time went on they seemed to have a clearer and clearer understanding of how to help me have deeper insight and clarity.

It felt very natural to speak through you  and it felt like you were a vessel of kindness and insight.  There was a genuineness as the conversation progressed.

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